31 May 2009

New Moon Trailer!!!!

I can't wait to see the movie.....

i'm so looking forward to new moon....

but the trailer is not that good

but still i'm so excited...

jacob is so cool and hot!!!!! :))

i love jacob/taylor!!!!!!

Guys, you need to see this!!!! :D



this is my horoskinn from yesterday.....
i forgot to post it
well, here is it:

Today, any dramas that pop up should be fairly insignificant, although that doesn't mean they won't be annoying. And you must take them seriously. If you shoo them away like you'd swat at a fly, they'll just keep coming back to drive you crazy. What you need is a thorough solution to any problem that pops up. Do not do anything halfway, or else it will only come back to bite you. Putting bandages on something that requires open-heart surgery won't save you any time.

1. "any dramas that pop up should be fairly insignificant"- my drama= Taylena break up, and IT IS important!!!

2. "And you must take them seriously"- sure i'm taking it seriously because this is SERIOUS!!!! my favorite couple's breaking up, ugh!!!

3. "If you shoo them away like you'd swat at a fly, they'll just keep coming back to drive you crazy." - this is so true!!! cause i'm crazy right now!!!

4. "Do not do anything halfway, or else it will only come back to bite you. " - I'll stalk them (evil laugh)and make a big production. i should take this seriously. i dont wanna be eaten!!!

6. "Putting bandages on something that requires open-heart surgery won't save you any time." - what should i put? perhaps stitches. stupid dad/summit!!!! D:

for taylor and selena,
you're making my life worse!!! but i still like you guys


for taylor's dad/summit,
i hate you and you're so STUPID!!!!


30 May 2009

The Whoa-type Crush List

I called this the Whoa-type crush list because it's unbelievably many, and it took me a legit 6 hours to find every damn picture here (I am such a nerd) So, here's my list of my celebrity crushes (that I could think of), and the list comprises of males, females (I am straight, but straight girls could have crushes on female celebrities, yea?), gays (2 of them, I guess), and 3 dead guys.

Ok, at the end of the blog, I want the 2 other Skindorks to do the same (well, fuck you if you don't!) I don't know how you guys will be able to arrange it like this since you don't have Photoshop there. Whatever, you can do it. In Paint >:) Anyway, after the picture, state the reason why you have a crush on the celebrity. OK? Please, bear with me. I am just so bored today :p

Click the picture for a waaay bigger view of their hotness (according to me, apparently)

From left-right:

Adrien Brody - because his nose is awesome, and he looks Slavic
Alex Turner - his voice is <3
Andrew Vanywyngarden - he's just so pretty
Anna Paquin - talented girl and I love her two front teeth
Anton Yelchin - he's only 3 years older than me, and he is so darn cute!
Ben Barnes - hot hot hot
Ben Foster - his mesmerizing eyes and blond hair are adorable

Bryce Dallas Howard - she is lovely, and I love people with pale skin and red hair Chris Pine - his sex appeal and his eyes
Christian Bale - I absolutely love his face; they're so expressive and full of intensity, and he's a fucking great actor
Cillian Murphy - his eyes, his lips and the fact that he's Irish
Danny Masterson - I loved him as Steven Hyde in That '70s Show and he's a DJ
Diane Kruger - oh my gosh so beautiful!

Ed Westwick - badass as Chuck Bass Edward Norton - I know he's older than most of the list here but he is so sexy ahhhh Ellen Page - she is lovely, talented, and awesome!
Emile Hirsch - such a good actor and very indie, too
Gael Garcia Bernal - ahh his eyes and his talent and his sex appeal
Gaspard Ulliel - French, the scar on his face and his pretty little eyes
Heath Ledger - very talented and full of sense of expression (Rest in Peace)
James Franco - darling and funny

James McAvoy - Scottish! And breathtaking
Jamie Bell - talented Brit <3
Jimmy Page - the history of rock n roll's guitar god!
Joe Anderson - he looks like Kurt Cobain. A lot. He'd pass as his little brother
Johnny Depp - absolutely sexyyy
Joseph Gordon-Levitt - ayayay indie prince totally melts my heart
Jude Law - he looks like a Greek god, for god's sake

Keira Knightley - if I was a boy, she'd be my number 1.5 (next to.. just find out later)
Kurt Cobain - the haunting voice of a generation (Rest in Peace)
Layne Staley - when he sang Alice in Chains' Rooster was eeriely amazing, plus he looks like my ex crush from school (Rest in Peace. Layne, I mean)
Malin Akerman - of Swedish origin, and the only blondes I like are Swedish, and she is super hot
Matthew Bellamy - oh my, the power voice of Muse
Max Minghella - his eyebrows are thick, thicker than Bigfoot
Megan Fox - need I say more?

Michael Fassbender - he's amazing and talented and unrecognized
Natalie Portman - my number 1.. if I was a boy, that is
Neil Patrick Harris - the sexiest gay actor I've seen
Olivia Wilde - her eyes are sooo mesmerizing and her jaw gahh
Panda Bear - he's from Animal Collective <3
Robert Downey, Jr. - I think my mom passed on her teenage crush to me, although he is my father in her alternate/daydream life
Robert Plant - the sexiest vocalist of music!
Rupert Grint - he just gets hotter and hotter each day
Sean Penn - the lord of the baddass actors of Hollywood
Shia LaBeouf - gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Shia <333
Skandar Keynes - I love his Middle Eastern origin of a face
Thure Lindhardt - he absolutely stole Angels and Demons! Plus, he's Dutch and a sexy gay Dutch
Zachary Quinto - amazing as Sylar in Heroes and as Spock in Star Trek. Love his strong face
Zooey Deschanel - I don't even have the words to say how amazingly mesmerizing she is

NOW MY SKINHEADS COUSINS. DO THE SAME. HAHA Please I beg you!! I don't want to appear so nerdy with this post (although I am a nerd and this post is proof) :)

Love love love,
For Taylor,

if you don't want Selena...... i'm still here

I'm SINGLE and ready to MINGLE :D



I feel sorry for the Taylena fans (and by that, I mean Jia) :))

They're probably gonna talk this Sunday at the MTV Movie Awards, yea? Cheer up, Jia!!


Mcdonald's Caramel Sundae

I'm not in the mood for blogging because of the taylena breakup....

(emo mode)

i love Mcdo's caramel sundae!!!

but its better with the oreo bits and everything (Oreo Hot Caramel Sundae)

that's all :(((

cant get over the taylena break up!!!! :((


29 May 2009

T_T NOO!!!!!! this can't be happenning

I can't believe this!!!!

Selena Gomez and Taylor Lautner have ended their love affair, according to LaineyGossip: Taylor left Vancouver last Friday. Before leaving, the two were supposed to hang out, spend time together, watch DVDs, cuddle, whatever.

Taylor stood her up. Didn't bother texting, didn't bother coming through on
their plans. They've barely communicated since. Taylor was supposedly strongly encouraged by his father and Summit not to be seen with a
girlfriend, especially as his star is on the rise.

They want him to focus on career, on the work, and on letting every little girl make believe she could be The One. He wasn't happy, but he listened. Both Selena and Taylor will be at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday.
NOOOOO!!! Thisss Cann't BBeeee Happenningggg!!!!!!!

SELENA + TAYLOR = meaning OVER Its Over, Its Over, :(( T_T

I hope that this is not true.....but i really think that its not true, but still I'm not sure....where did they get all of those infos!!!!, like all their plans???!!!! it's impossible! :((

this is so rude.....more than rude!!!!!! :(

this is so awful, terrible, ruthless, merciless..... where's the JUSTICE!!!!????


(sigh) T_T

young love comes to an end. Sadness :((

Ooooooh Nasty!!!! :(((

i felt bad for TAYLENA FANSSSSS :(

i really hope it's not true

JiA (emo mode)
- I think raia and bee too!!! :((
Selena Gomez, "Taylor Lautner is a really good friend. All I can say."

That's a disappointment.. We should never believe in teen stars! They are so naïve!!!


And this is why Skinner is skin deep

Raia says:
Raia says:
we really are humiliating ourselves
Bee says:
ok lang yan (that's okay)
Bee says:
we should let ourselves loose and humiliate ourselves once in a while
Bee says:
para when we're depressed or sad, we can just check out our blog and it'll make us smile
Raia says:
Raia says:
kanina nga i reviewed our whole blog entries e
Raia says:
and I kept on laughing
Raia says:
Raia says:
this'll be treasured and shall be passed on generations
Raia says:
we should be famous )
Bee says:
see, see!
Bee says:
kaya ok lang na pahiyain natin sarili natin dyan (so, it's ok to embarrass ourselves on the blog)
Bee says:
at least we make ourselves happy
Bee says:
Bee says:
I love you guys :((
Bee says:
Raia says:
Raia says:
We're so lucky to have you as cousin too!
Raia says:
and I miss you!!

Bee & Raia (ok, Jia, too)
"Miley is the Most Genuine Celebrity"


Bee (and I bet RAIA & JiA, too)


Audrey. says:
hahah jia's so cute
Audrey. says:
all of you guys are so cute
Audrey. says:

We have a fan!


P.S. You are cute, too, Audrey!

THAT we gotta celebrate! Good job Skinner!


Po po po poker face, poker face...

REMENISCE... :)) Miss you cuz!



Oh my god! This is so funny! And aw, I missed Bee more. Cuz! We could play monster roles on movies oready! Woot!


Make-up, take up, take note

It's all about icey coolness. The cool on the title is literally the topic on the video. In the video, we'll be showing you how to look like you used make-up but in reality you didn't. It's like you get all the make-up compliments and such but get the healthy and natural benefits for your skin. Doesn't make any sense, does it? Just go watch the video! Screw you! :D

Once again, enjoy ;]


Skinner tweet

Tsk. I can't watch the videos yet at this moment. I'll be watching Terminator Salvation later, and the stepdad will be picking me up to fetch the mother. Oh, I sort of endorsed this blog to the blockmates. I hope they don't think my videos are too scary. PLEASE DON'T STOP LOVING ME.


28 May 2009

HOT Topic

Jia and I have been planning to make our own talk show and such, but unfortunately we got into our lazy-dazy part of our lives. We did this one video before. It's a question and answer kind of show but we ended up fighting, 'cos Jia (the question giver) gave me (the answer giver) too personal questions and all that. So I smacked her in the eye.

Anyhow, we could always make random, shitty, caught from boredom videos anytime we want. And that's what you guys should all be waiting for.

Happy viewing! Oh and I miss you Bee! And to Jia and her right eye: sarry :D



While I'm trying to eat my Cheeseburger and trying to imitate Katrina Halili's sexy dance on her sex video with Hayden (forgot his last name) Jia's trying to mimic Lady Gaga's words. Well, what am I doing trying to explain what we're doing? Just watch and enjoy it! :D

PS: Don't over-laugh yourself, okay?


Fantasy (wtf?)

It's a funny shitty video of me and Jia. Well the video says it all. :D HAHAHA! This is a tribute for our favorite Disney character of the Wizards of Waverly Place, Selena Gomez. Woot! :)) Nah, kiddin'! We were just bored, and nothing new there, is there? B-O-R-E-D, it's our favorite word of all time. We can get rehabilitated for being so addicted of saying this word.

Well Whatever! Just enjoy it.

Oh and before anything else, here's a reminder for all ye viewers: Laughing's okay, thinking we're moron's okay too, but fantasizing me's disgusting. I know the last clause's irrelevant and nonsense but I can't think of anything else to finish the line. :))

Anyhow, more videos coming soon. See me on twitter to get updates of our upcoming videos. TTFN!


This is for JiA

Bee & RAIA

I thought it was too gnarly to post on Tumblr


Raia + Jia = Bored shits

Jia and I were bored and sleepy that morning 'cos we haven't had some sleep yet. We were too lazy and such to get to bed so we made this video. We even remembered Bee 'cos we used to do these things when we were at her house. WE MISS YOU BEE!!! Come over and we'll make videos!

PS: there's more videos to come by me & Jia.


24 Random Things you probably never needed to know about Skinner

1 We're very subliminal
2 We're nocturnal skinheads, we could pass off as vampires
3 Raia & Jia are sisters; Bee's their cousin
4 We are all weirdos
5 We all like Selena Gomez
6 We all dislike Miley Cyrus
7 We enjoy make-up, dressing up, and OceanUp
8 We are Ebuc Toor, the YouTube counterpart of Skinner
9 Some of us are late internet bloomers (ehem Raia)
10 We always have the most fun during the last days of summer
11 Vanity ranking: 1 Raia, 2 Raia, and 3 Raia
12 Bee's on MSN, Jia & Raia are on Yahoo Messenger, which is bogus
13 We eat bugs, mud, and dirt just for fun
14 Oldest blogger ranking: 1 Bee, 2 Raia, 3 Jia
15 We are all single since birth (except for maybe one, you know who you are >:\)
16 #13 isn't true
17 We have serious issues like this and that
18 We are very bored people
19 Bee doesn't believe in love, Raia is in love, and Jia loves Taylor Lautner
20 We love our bestfriends (Hi bestfriends!)
21 We are all loser photographers
22 We're all geeks and nerds with spice!
23 Our TV show guilty pleasures are Wizards of Waverly Place, Hannah Montana, and [insert some prissy Disney or Nickelodeon show here]
24 We're Skinner, damnit!

Bee, RAIA and JiA

A New Skindork!

Skinner is proud to introduce its latest skindork! JiA! Welcome, welcome!


Oh em gee! I love Taylor Lautner! And I like Selena Gomez. Woohoo!!! They look cute together. In fact, I'm in love with Taylor Lautner and I'm srsly stalking them and there are no new news 'bout them yet and I'm fvcked up for that. I wish they'd stay together forever! Hahaha.

Oh and I know that it's worthless for me to say this but who cares, right? I don't have a crush.


Oh and btw, congratualte me 'cos this is my first blog in my whole entire life!


RE-Notice to the other skinhead

Dear Cuz,

Heyy! Aww... I feel bad for you :( 'Cos you miss us so much :( :D :)) That's okay. We'll hang-out soon (and that's for shurr), 'cos I miss you more than you know it! :] But we could always chat and tweet, you know? :)) Oh and we could always see each other through the videos we'll be uploading, soon :D SO STOP WHINING!

:)) And I told Jia to stop stalking Selena gomez on twitter but she laughed at me and said that she's not stalking Selena Gomez but both Taylor Lautner and Selena Gomez. LOL!

Anyhow, I woke up at 1ish cos' Jia and I slept like 6ish this morning. Heh. My poor nocturn little sidekick will be having her classes on 8th of June (hah! Just like you!) so she hafta complain and whine at me that she doesn't want to go to school yet. Then I thought: WTF can I do?! I don't make the fvckin' rules for that school! LOL. But at least she stopped bugging me 'cos she's reading New Moon for the 7th time oready. OMG, she's one hell of a bored kid. Oh and a twilight addict! We should send her to rehab for twilight addiction.

Well, that's all, I think? Kbye!


27 May 2009

Fashun Weak

Raia says:
cuz di muna ako magpaparebond
Bee says:
Raia says:
kasi yoko flat ng ganun buhok ko sa fashion week
Raia says:
Bee says:
Bee says:

Raia says:
at hindi ko narin isasama si nicky
Raia says:
hassle pa e )
Bee says:
Bee says:
Raia says:
Raia says:
Raia says:
ay pagiisipan ko nlng )
Bee says:
Bee says:
stop worrying about your personal life damnit!!!
Bee says:
Raia says:
Bee says:
Raia says:
kaya nga gusto ko attention ko sa fashion show hindi kay nicky or what
Raia says:
Raia says:
Bee says:
mawawala talaga attention mo sakanya! FASHION WEEK YUN HUY!
Raia says:
ay shet
Raia says:
pano yun
Bee says:
you forget about boys in fashion week!!
Raia says:
mag-aayos pa ako sa house niyo and all
Bee says:
ay onga no

*EDIT* We're not going! We have to be in the guest list if we're not gonna have tickets. Fcuk our life.

Notice to the other skinhead

Dear cuz,

Please wake up. I'm so bored, and I actually got up at 10AM today, while you are sleeping soundly in bed like a little fragile thumbsucking baby. I'm running out of things to do, goddamnit. Better get yo ass up and start blogging or tweeting or whatever it is that you do when fiddling with the internet.

Tell Jia to stop stalking Selena Gomez on twitter, unless Jia starts tweeting back to her tweets. And tell her to stop sleeping as late as you do. She's a high school kid, for God's sake!

Okay, please wake up now. I miss you.


No BS cards

Choose whatevs.

Bee at 3 in the morning

Deep skin

Do you have strong opinions? It depends on the issue
Are you tolerant of other's opinions? Most of the time, except if it's really frustrating and wrong

Your opinions of...

War? It should never start
The Death Penalty? Too unjustified
Gay marriage? Should be legalized
Religion? Not everything is true in the sense
Evolution? We probably evolved from being homo-sapiens to what we look like today
Natural Selection? It's probably true
God? He's there, but I wouldn't want to rely on Him all the time, because I would want to be able to help myself all the time first
Abortion? Personally, I wouldn't do it George Bush?: He's probably not a good leader. I don't know; he was never my president
John McCain? He's Republican; if I were an American, I'd be a Democrat
Barack Obama? Great leader, but he would be greater if he’d do more
The world ending? Not gonna happen in my lifetime
Suicide? Too risky and would never do it no matter how my life would turn out to be hell
Murder? Well, of course, it's a really evil thing to do in every aspect
Legalizing marijuana and other drugs? Neither pro nor con
Pleading insanity? No matter if the person is insane or not, if he did a crime, he should be held responsible and suffer the consequences
The U.S. economy? I'm not updated as of late, though it might take a while for it to develop once again
Stimulus plan? I hope it works
Witch craft? Fuck that, I don't believe in that

Deep Questions

Assisted suicide is illegal, do you agree? Why or why not? That's a hard one. Perhaps if the suffering person has had too much and couldn't be cured, then it should be legalized, but it should be limited
Religion kills, what do you think? Sometimes, people just use religion as a weapon against their prejudices. But, I think the problem here is the people who take their beliefs to a dangerous level
What do you think about Vegetarianism? Not for me, but if it works for vegetarians, then good for them
Could you ever be a Vegetarian? Unless I really see how cows, chickens, pigs, etc get murdered
What do you think about animal cruelty? Those who torment animals for their own pleasure is just disgusting
Would you help the kids in Africa? If I could, sure
Are you afraid of people with STD's? No
Do you care about the rain forest? Not that I care in a profound way, but I care about the environment, sort of
Do you think we should use gasoline for our automobiles? Yes?
Do you recycle? Not as much as I have to
Do you pick trash up off the ground when you see it? No
Do you think violence solves problems? Of course not; they just seem like it on TV
Are you stereotypical? No
Does our youth lack originality? Pretty much
Do you think it's right if a man beats a woman? No
Do you think modeling agencies set impossible standards? Why or why not? Some of them. It's not good to have to be anorexic-skinny
Do you think hitting childeren for a punishment is okay? Personally, I wouldn't do that to my future kids
Who is the more superior sex, male or female? Both
Did you vote yes on proposition 8? I'm not American, but if I was, I'd vote No
It's wrong to deny someone the right to marriage, do you agree? Unless the marriage is really wrong because they're both just using marriage to resolve something they weren’t supposed to be doing/have done
Do you think racism or sexism is a bigger problem in the U.S.? I think it's a big problem everywhere
What are you most opinionated about? Personal stuff


Oskar & Eli

Just finished watching Let the Right One In. It's a vampire film, and it's a million times better than freaking Twilight.

Oskar is a bullied 12 year old boy who dreams of nothing but getting revenge on his tormentors. He befriends his new neighbor, Eli, who tells him to stand up for himself. He falls in love with her, then discovers she's a vampire.

You know, I could tell you so much about it, but I won't, because I don't like sharing too much information.


I admit...

So, um, I'm a fan of these folks. :)) It's my guilty pleasure. I like Selena and I love Taylor :D And even if I want Taylor for myself I guess Selena's better off with him. You take care of him, okay? :))


26 May 2009

In Bloom

He was murdered. That's what I think. Screw Courtney!


Enter Skinner

Oi! This is Bee and Raia and this is our cousin blog, Skinner. Don't ask how we came up with the name because it just popped up in Bee's head a few days ago while doing some DIY shit.

Anyhoo, this blog is all about random stuff. Weird, unconventional, conventional, mainstream, indie, gossip, retarded, etc etc stuff. Whatever we think is bloggable (wtf). So, we don't care what you think about our future posts, but we blog them because we just have to.

Either you'll like them or not. Seriously, we couldn't care less.

Bee & Raia