03 November 2009

Have you ever seen Alice In Wonderland?
BEE: No :l
RAIA: A hundred and million times

Are you scared of numbers?
B: It depends
R: I guess so :D

Can you burp well?
B: Not on purpose
R: Sadly, no :(

Would you have sex with a teacher for a good grade?
B: Depends on the professor ;)
R: Ang landi ni Cuz >:) Me? No.

When's the last time you were hungry?
B: Right now...
R: ...at this very moment

Does Paris Hilton annoy you?
B: To a great extent
R: Hella yes, 'cos she's Nicky's crush >:| =)) srsly.

Have you ever had your mouth washed out with soap?
B: No
R: Accidentally :))

Are you an over-emotional person?
B: When I have PMS
R: I second to that! -^

Do you purposely ignore people sometimes?
B: Sometimes.
R: Guilty.

Have you shaved your legs in the past 24 hours?
B: Nah
R: 48 hours?

Would you rather wear converse or heels?
B: I don't know, man. Whatever works.
R: Heels :P

Do you support freedom of speech?
B: Yes.

What is your first hour teacher's name?
B: They vary, man
R: They vary, dude.

What age will you be when you times your current age by two?
B: 34
R: 34

Do you find the sound of a cats purr relaxing?
B: Not relaxing. Idk something else
R: No, they sound freaky, though I love cats :)

Are you judgmental?
B: It depends. Sometimes, I just don't care
R: Ssssarry :P

Would you make a good salesperson?
B: No.
R: No.

Do you understand why some people can have a Twitter addiction?
B: I guess?
R: Yes.

Do you think it would be cool to perform an autopsy?
B: Guts, I can take. But opening up the body with SHARP tools is just creepy.
R: Hella yes! Looking forward to doing that... Soon >:))

What is a name that you associate with a happy, fun girl?
B: Brittany (oh, I think I associate that name with a bimbo)
R: Heidi =))

Why is your #3 on your top there?
B: What #3??
R: ?

Have you ever kissed someone who's name started with an 'N'?
B: Pwede bang.... Eh, wag nalang. Bulgar e.
R: That was funny! =)) :P

Do you like the song 'Peaches & Cream' by 112?
B: I only know the title
R: I know nothing 'bout this shit.

What food would you love to wipe off the face of the earth?
B: Dinuguan
R: Spicy foods >:P

When happy, do you become more talkative?
B: Yes
R: Yesziree.

Do you prefer sitting in the front or back of a car?
B: Doesn't matter, as long as I'm in the car with lovely people
R: If the car's full I prefer sitting at the back and when the car's empty I like to sit mostly in front. Ironic, I know :}

Do you make friends easily?
B: I guess
R: No, shy type me e :]
(pakyu - bee)

I say purple, you think...
B: Gay dino
R: Bagles, whut?

Which stereotype do you dislike the most?
B: The annoying popular bimbos
R: Same here.

Do any Disney movies scare you?
B: I like them creepy
R: Nah.

Would you have sex with the last person you messaged?
B: NO.
R: >:P >:P >:P

Can you stop hiccups when you get them?
B: No
R: Yes. Want tutorials?

Are you a carnivore or a vegetarian?
B: Carnivore
R: Omnivore. Soon, I'll be a vegetarian. Eck.

Are you in a relationship?
B: In my dreams
R: Yes :)

Do you hold grudges?
B: No. It won't change a thing anyway
R: Yes.

How tall are you?
B: 5'5''?
R: 5'4"?

How many boyfriends/girlfriends have you had?
B: T.I.I.S.S.B. (tiis ba?)
R: 1 :)

Do you think it's right to plead innocent in a murder case due to insanity?
B: Hmm.. They're still technically guilty, and they must be put in a mental institution
R: Insane or not, they're murderers.

How was your first kiss?
B: It wasn't a real kiss
R: Sucks.

When you're sad, who do you go to?
B: Best friend or any available good friend that I trust. Sometimes, I go to myself
R: Sometimes, I do to myself. Sometimes, I go to God. Seldom, to Nicky :]

If you could change anything about your life, what would it be?
B: I wouldn't change a thing. Let mistakes be mistakes.
R: Why would I? I feel perfect ;D

What's going on inside your head right now?
B: First, I don't know how I'd get home at almost 3am from my cousin's haunted house. Second, I'm really hungry. Last, the usual <|3
R: First, how to make evil laughs to my cousin since she's stuck here. Second, how to feed her. Last, the usual <3

What's the corniest pick-up line?
B: Hey, did it hurt when you fell down from heaven?
R: I dunno, mind fucker.

What's one smell you cannot stand?
B: Your ass.
R: Men's harsh smelling parfum.

Are beach weddings cliche?
B: Yes
R: Not really, s'kay.

Bee & RAIA

The F and The H

Because we love each other.


10 September 2009

Because I'm bored pt. 1

Ten things you wish you could SAY (don't tell us who it is)

1. I really like you. A lot
2. I'll be in the waiting shed.. for you
3. Yea, I'll be here to be a good friend. Maybe someday you'll see the effort
4. It's not that I want you & your girlfriend to break up. It's just that.. I hate hearing you say that you're tired
5. No matter how many discouraging things they say about you, I don't care
6. Lie down on my leg again one night
7. I'd like to see you often, though I don't need to see you often
8. I think about you a lot
9. Please stop teasing me to your friend. It's not fucking him, ok
10. I want you to want me someday.

Nine things about YOURSELF:

1. Minsan bangag ako. No, scratch that. Lagi akong bangag
2. Wala akong paki sa mga pag-iisip ng mga tao
3. Mabilis ako magkagusto. Hindi mainlove
4. Gago ako sumagot, pero matino ako
5. Weirdo
6. Di nakikiuso, pero nakakablend in naman
7. Taga bigay ng relationshit advice, pero pag andyan na, di na alam gagawin
8. Mabuti akong anak, tamad lang minsan
9. Bum

Eight ways to WIN your heart:

1. Magpakatotoo ka, kahit kupal ka pa
2. May sense kausap
3. Kahit kupal, dapat kahit papano mabait ka
4. Lagi mo dapat ako napapatawa
5. Wag kang maging sweet na tipong lalanggamin tayo
6. Actions speak louder than words, pero iba parin pag may reassurance
7. Maganda kung kahit papano same genre tayo ng interests or interesting yung interests mo
8. Nababalance yung pagiging gago & seryoso

Seven things that cross your mind a lot through the day:

1. Studies for AD design
2. Things to do today
3. School
4. How much I want to stay a sophomore forever
5. Family
6. Good friends and new friends
7. Sya

Six little STUPID things you want to happen to you before you die:

1. Get really drunk for just one night
2. Patattoo (although di naman stupid yun)
3. Magkalabret piercing, pero sa bandang right side
4. Tumupad sa isang dare na super embarrassing
5. Break someone's heart
6. Fall in love

Five turn offs:

1. Pretender
2. Masyadong mabait
3. Too sweet
4. Walang sense kausap
5. Puro yabang na walang pinagyayabang

Four turn ons:

1. May sense
2. Mayabang na nasa lugar
3. Totoo
4. Kakaiba

Three smiles that describe your life:

1. :)
2. :))
3. :>

Two things you wish you never did:

1. W-
2. -ala

One confession:

1. I like you a lot, and I'm gonna just gonna stand by until everything's okay.


20 August 2009

its been so long since we've updated our blog
we've been very busy on our school works and everything
so this one is for you guys :D
have fun :))

15 June 2009

The Rain

Oh my, I can't believe no one's posting here on skinner anymore for how many days oready. Anyhow, this is a photo taken by me while going to hell (aka Pangasinan, Philippines). I just love the rain; I just love, love the rain from the inside of the car; I just love, love, love the rain with thunders under my blanket. LLOLL. In brief, I <3 the rain. I don't know how but it really relaxes me and such. Yes, including the thunder. In truth, rains corresponding thunders relaxes me more than just rain. LLOLL. SKIN DEEP!

That's all. Kbye! LLOLL.


14 June 2009

Disney Stars Rift: What happened?


"@selenagomez like i said, i don't understand how we can go from crying to laughing hysterically in two seconds. Hahaha"
We, Skinner, had a feeling that there was a rift between Demi & Selena that time. We don't know why, and we don't know how. But one thing's for sure: Miley fucking Cyrus was definitely in the picture.

Demi and Selena were never friends with Miley (that's for sure) before that KOI dinner with her and her then-boyf Justin Gaston. After that, things have changed..

We all know Miley was Nick Jonas's ex-girlfriend. When Nick started dating Selena, of course, like a sad teenager, Miley started "not liking" the new girlfriend, even if she is dating Justin Gaston at the time. But you know how people are; you can never forget your first love and yadidadida.

When Selena and Nick broke up, the foursome had that dinner at KOI. Why only that time? Was it because Miley could finally be friends with her ex's now-ex? Or something else?

There were some reports that Miley and her bff Mandy were badmouthing someone through texting, and when Miley accidentally sent the message to that person, they had a heart to heart and became good friends. We suspect it was Demi.

Now, Miley and Selena are Demi's bffs. It was kinda weird to us that when Demi started hanging out with Miley, Selena was out of the picture. We never saw a single twitter from Demi to Selena, vice versa. Then, the fortunate tweets came (see screen-cap above).

It's obvious that they were in a rift, and after talking to each other, they reconciled.

Demi and Trace Cyrus (Miley's creepy fug brother) are flirting on twitter (EW, of all places and of all people, flirting on twitter with Trace fuckin' Cyrus yuk)

The conclusion of this account is: Demi is only "bffs" with Miley just to get to Trace, and explained her plan to Selena, who at first was getting a little jealous of her friendship with Miley, and the REAL BFFs reconciled, since Selena was totally game for it.

JiA, RAIA & Bee

05 June 2009


It's only 12:14 of the 6th of June. That only means one thing: Raia just turned 17! YAY! Welcome to the last step before adulthood. Next year, you're legal for anything: jail, porn, vices, etc. Haha! JK. I love you so much, cuz. I wish the three of us could hang out again this week. Happy happy birthday! Here's a birthday crap gif for you

create animated gif


Muchos love,

They're back together woohooo!!!!

let's celebrate
they look cute together
i'm so happy, glad, blissful.....
i'm speechless :))
thank god for answering my prayers :D


Fail blog

Funny as shit. Well, thanks to Bee for recommending this site to me :D


04 June 2009

Dance showdown


So Jia and I thought of having a dance showdown in the morning, anddddd... Here it is.


03 June 2009

OMG We abandoned this poor blog. We are such procrastinators!


01 June 2009

Ooooooh Nastey!!!!


he's my top 1!!!!! woohooo!!!!! he's so hot!!!! he's just a year older than me, so pede pa!!!!


She's so cute and gorgeous.....that's why taylor likes her :D


he's just my crush..... he will play Paul in New Moon!!! :) he looks like a gay!!! :))



31 May 2009

New Moon Trailer!!!!

I can't wait to see the movie.....

i'm so looking forward to new moon....

but the trailer is not that good

but still i'm so excited...

jacob is so cool and hot!!!!! :))

i love jacob/taylor!!!!!!

Guys, you need to see this!!!! :D



this is my horoskinn from yesterday.....
i forgot to post it
well, here is it:

Today, any dramas that pop up should be fairly insignificant, although that doesn't mean they won't be annoying. And you must take them seriously. If you shoo them away like you'd swat at a fly, they'll just keep coming back to drive you crazy. What you need is a thorough solution to any problem that pops up. Do not do anything halfway, or else it will only come back to bite you. Putting bandages on something that requires open-heart surgery won't save you any time.

1. "any dramas that pop up should be fairly insignificant"- my drama= Taylena break up, and IT IS important!!!

2. "And you must take them seriously"- sure i'm taking it seriously because this is SERIOUS!!!! my favorite couple's breaking up, ugh!!!

3. "If you shoo them away like you'd swat at a fly, they'll just keep coming back to drive you crazy." - this is so true!!! cause i'm crazy right now!!!

4. "Do not do anything halfway, or else it will only come back to bite you. " - I'll stalk them (evil laugh)and make a big production. i should take this seriously. i dont wanna be eaten!!!

6. "Putting bandages on something that requires open-heart surgery won't save you any time." - what should i put? perhaps stitches. stupid dad/summit!!!! D:

for taylor and selena,
you're making my life worse!!! but i still like you guys


for taylor's dad/summit,
i hate you and you're so STUPID!!!!


30 May 2009

The Whoa-type Crush List

I called this the Whoa-type crush list because it's unbelievably many, and it took me a legit 6 hours to find every damn picture here (I am such a nerd) So, here's my list of my celebrity crushes (that I could think of), and the list comprises of males, females (I am straight, but straight girls could have crushes on female celebrities, yea?), gays (2 of them, I guess), and 3 dead guys.

Ok, at the end of the blog, I want the 2 other Skindorks to do the same (well, fuck you if you don't!) I don't know how you guys will be able to arrange it like this since you don't have Photoshop there. Whatever, you can do it. In Paint >:) Anyway, after the picture, state the reason why you have a crush on the celebrity. OK? Please, bear with me. I am just so bored today :p

Click the picture for a waaay bigger view of their hotness (according to me, apparently)

From left-right:

Adrien Brody - because his nose is awesome, and he looks Slavic
Alex Turner - his voice is <3
Andrew Vanywyngarden - he's just so pretty
Anna Paquin - talented girl and I love her two front teeth
Anton Yelchin - he's only 3 years older than me, and he is so darn cute!
Ben Barnes - hot hot hot
Ben Foster - his mesmerizing eyes and blond hair are adorable

Bryce Dallas Howard - she is lovely, and I love people with pale skin and red hair Chris Pine - his sex appeal and his eyes
Christian Bale - I absolutely love his face; they're so expressive and full of intensity, and he's a fucking great actor
Cillian Murphy - his eyes, his lips and the fact that he's Irish
Danny Masterson - I loved him as Steven Hyde in That '70s Show and he's a DJ
Diane Kruger - oh my gosh so beautiful!

Ed Westwick - badass as Chuck Bass Edward Norton - I know he's older than most of the list here but he is so sexy ahhhh Ellen Page - she is lovely, talented, and awesome!
Emile Hirsch - such a good actor and very indie, too
Gael Garcia Bernal - ahh his eyes and his talent and his sex appeal
Gaspard Ulliel - French, the scar on his face and his pretty little eyes
Heath Ledger - very talented and full of sense of expression (Rest in Peace)
James Franco - darling and funny

James McAvoy - Scottish! And breathtaking
Jamie Bell - talented Brit <3
Jimmy Page - the history of rock n roll's guitar god!
Joe Anderson - he looks like Kurt Cobain. A lot. He'd pass as his little brother
Johnny Depp - absolutely sexyyy
Joseph Gordon-Levitt - ayayay indie prince totally melts my heart
Jude Law - he looks like a Greek god, for god's sake

Keira Knightley - if I was a boy, she'd be my number 1.5 (next to.. just find out later)
Kurt Cobain - the haunting voice of a generation (Rest in Peace)
Layne Staley - when he sang Alice in Chains' Rooster was eeriely amazing, plus he looks like my ex crush from school (Rest in Peace. Layne, I mean)
Malin Akerman - of Swedish origin, and the only blondes I like are Swedish, and she is super hot
Matthew Bellamy - oh my, the power voice of Muse
Max Minghella - his eyebrows are thick, thicker than Bigfoot
Megan Fox - need I say more?

Michael Fassbender - he's amazing and talented and unrecognized
Natalie Portman - my number 1.. if I was a boy, that is
Neil Patrick Harris - the sexiest gay actor I've seen
Olivia Wilde - her eyes are sooo mesmerizing and her jaw gahh
Panda Bear - he's from Animal Collective <3
Robert Downey, Jr. - I think my mom passed on her teenage crush to me, although he is my father in her alternate/daydream life
Robert Plant - the sexiest vocalist of music!
Rupert Grint - he just gets hotter and hotter each day
Sean Penn - the lord of the baddass actors of Hollywood
Shia LaBeouf - gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Shia <333
Skandar Keynes - I love his Middle Eastern origin of a face
Thure Lindhardt - he absolutely stole Angels and Demons! Plus, he's Dutch and a sexy gay Dutch
Zachary Quinto - amazing as Sylar in Heroes and as Spock in Star Trek. Love his strong face
Zooey Deschanel - I don't even have the words to say how amazingly mesmerizing she is

NOW MY SKINHEADS COUSINS. DO THE SAME. HAHA Please I beg you!! I don't want to appear so nerdy with this post (although I am a nerd and this post is proof) :)

Love love love,