30 May 2009

The Whoa-type Crush List

I called this the Whoa-type crush list because it's unbelievably many, and it took me a legit 6 hours to find every damn picture here (I am such a nerd) So, here's my list of my celebrity crushes (that I could think of), and the list comprises of males, females (I am straight, but straight girls could have crushes on female celebrities, yea?), gays (2 of them, I guess), and 3 dead guys.

Ok, at the end of the blog, I want the 2 other Skindorks to do the same (well, fuck you if you don't!) I don't know how you guys will be able to arrange it like this since you don't have Photoshop there. Whatever, you can do it. In Paint >:) Anyway, after the picture, state the reason why you have a crush on the celebrity. OK? Please, bear with me. I am just so bored today :p

Click the picture for a waaay bigger view of their hotness (according to me, apparently)

From left-right:

Adrien Brody - because his nose is awesome, and he looks Slavic
Alex Turner - his voice is <3
Andrew Vanywyngarden - he's just so pretty
Anna Paquin - talented girl and I love her two front teeth
Anton Yelchin - he's only 3 years older than me, and he is so darn cute!
Ben Barnes - hot hot hot
Ben Foster - his mesmerizing eyes and blond hair are adorable

Bryce Dallas Howard - she is lovely, and I love people with pale skin and red hair Chris Pine - his sex appeal and his eyes
Christian Bale - I absolutely love his face; they're so expressive and full of intensity, and he's a fucking great actor
Cillian Murphy - his eyes, his lips and the fact that he's Irish
Danny Masterson - I loved him as Steven Hyde in That '70s Show and he's a DJ
Diane Kruger - oh my gosh so beautiful!

Ed Westwick - badass as Chuck Bass Edward Norton - I know he's older than most of the list here but he is so sexy ahhhh Ellen Page - she is lovely, talented, and awesome!
Emile Hirsch - such a good actor and very indie, too
Gael Garcia Bernal - ahh his eyes and his talent and his sex appeal
Gaspard Ulliel - French, the scar on his face and his pretty little eyes
Heath Ledger - very talented and full of sense of expression (Rest in Peace)
James Franco - darling and funny

James McAvoy - Scottish! And breathtaking
Jamie Bell - talented Brit <3
Jimmy Page - the history of rock n roll's guitar god!
Joe Anderson - he looks like Kurt Cobain. A lot. He'd pass as his little brother
Johnny Depp - absolutely sexyyy
Joseph Gordon-Levitt - ayayay indie prince totally melts my heart
Jude Law - he looks like a Greek god, for god's sake

Keira Knightley - if I was a boy, she'd be my number 1.5 (next to.. just find out later)
Kurt Cobain - the haunting voice of a generation (Rest in Peace)
Layne Staley - when he sang Alice in Chains' Rooster was eeriely amazing, plus he looks like my ex crush from school (Rest in Peace. Layne, I mean)
Malin Akerman - of Swedish origin, and the only blondes I like are Swedish, and she is super hot
Matthew Bellamy - oh my, the power voice of Muse
Max Minghella - his eyebrows are thick, thicker than Bigfoot
Megan Fox - need I say more?

Michael Fassbender - he's amazing and talented and unrecognized
Natalie Portman - my number 1.. if I was a boy, that is
Neil Patrick Harris - the sexiest gay actor I've seen
Olivia Wilde - her eyes are sooo mesmerizing and her jaw gahh
Panda Bear - he's from Animal Collective <3
Robert Downey, Jr. - I think my mom passed on her teenage crush to me, although he is my father in her alternate/daydream life
Robert Plant - the sexiest vocalist of music!
Rupert Grint - he just gets hotter and hotter each day
Sean Penn - the lord of the baddass actors of Hollywood
Shia LaBeouf - gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Shia <333
Skandar Keynes - I love his Middle Eastern origin of a face
Thure Lindhardt - he absolutely stole Angels and Demons! Plus, he's Dutch and a sexy gay Dutch
Zachary Quinto - amazing as Sylar in Heroes and as Spock in Star Trek. Love his strong face
Zooey Deschanel - I don't even have the words to say how amazingly mesmerizing she is

NOW MY SKINHEADS COUSINS. DO THE SAME. HAHA Please I beg you!! I don't want to appear so nerdy with this post (although I am a nerd and this post is proof) :)

Love love love,

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