10 September 2009

Because I'm bored pt. 1

Ten things you wish you could SAY (don't tell us who it is)

1. I really like you. A lot
2. I'll be in the waiting shed.. for you
3. Yea, I'll be here to be a good friend. Maybe someday you'll see the effort
4. It's not that I want you & your girlfriend to break up. It's just that.. I hate hearing you say that you're tired
5. No matter how many discouraging things they say about you, I don't care
6. Lie down on my leg again one night
7. I'd like to see you often, though I don't need to see you often
8. I think about you a lot
9. Please stop teasing me to your friend. It's not fucking him, ok
10. I want you to want me someday.

Nine things about YOURSELF:

1. Minsan bangag ako. No, scratch that. Lagi akong bangag
2. Wala akong paki sa mga pag-iisip ng mga tao
3. Mabilis ako magkagusto. Hindi mainlove
4. Gago ako sumagot, pero matino ako
5. Weirdo
6. Di nakikiuso, pero nakakablend in naman
7. Taga bigay ng relationshit advice, pero pag andyan na, di na alam gagawin
8. Mabuti akong anak, tamad lang minsan
9. Bum

Eight ways to WIN your heart:

1. Magpakatotoo ka, kahit kupal ka pa
2. May sense kausap
3. Kahit kupal, dapat kahit papano mabait ka
4. Lagi mo dapat ako napapatawa
5. Wag kang maging sweet na tipong lalanggamin tayo
6. Actions speak louder than words, pero iba parin pag may reassurance
7. Maganda kung kahit papano same genre tayo ng interests or interesting yung interests mo
8. Nababalance yung pagiging gago & seryoso

Seven things that cross your mind a lot through the day:

1. Studies for AD design
2. Things to do today
3. School
4. How much I want to stay a sophomore forever
5. Family
6. Good friends and new friends
7. Sya

Six little STUPID things you want to happen to you before you die:

1. Get really drunk for just one night
2. Patattoo (although di naman stupid yun)
3. Magkalabret piercing, pero sa bandang right side
4. Tumupad sa isang dare na super embarrassing
5. Break someone's heart
6. Fall in love

Five turn offs:

1. Pretender
2. Masyadong mabait
3. Too sweet
4. Walang sense kausap
5. Puro yabang na walang pinagyayabang

Four turn ons:

1. May sense
2. Mayabang na nasa lugar
3. Totoo
4. Kakaiba

Three smiles that describe your life:

1. :)
2. :))
3. :>

Two things you wish you never did:

1. W-
2. -ala

One confession:

1. I like you a lot, and I'm gonna just gonna stand by until everything's okay.