14 June 2009

Disney Stars Rift: What happened?


"@selenagomez like i said, i don't understand how we can go from crying to laughing hysterically in two seconds. Hahaha"
We, Skinner, had a feeling that there was a rift between Demi & Selena that time. We don't know why, and we don't know how. But one thing's for sure: Miley fucking Cyrus was definitely in the picture.

Demi and Selena were never friends with Miley (that's for sure) before that KOI dinner with her and her then-boyf Justin Gaston. After that, things have changed..

We all know Miley was Nick Jonas's ex-girlfriend. When Nick started dating Selena, of course, like a sad teenager, Miley started "not liking" the new girlfriend, even if she is dating Justin Gaston at the time. But you know how people are; you can never forget your first love and yadidadida.

When Selena and Nick broke up, the foursome had that dinner at KOI. Why only that time? Was it because Miley could finally be friends with her ex's now-ex? Or something else?

There were some reports that Miley and her bff Mandy were badmouthing someone through texting, and when Miley accidentally sent the message to that person, they had a heart to heart and became good friends. We suspect it was Demi.

Now, Miley and Selena are Demi's bffs. It was kinda weird to us that when Demi started hanging out with Miley, Selena was out of the picture. We never saw a single twitter from Demi to Selena, vice versa. Then, the fortunate tweets came (see screen-cap above).

It's obvious that they were in a rift, and after talking to each other, they reconciled.

Demi and Trace Cyrus (Miley's creepy fug brother) are flirting on twitter (EW, of all places and of all people, flirting on twitter with Trace fuckin' Cyrus yuk)

The conclusion of this account is: Demi is only "bffs" with Miley just to get to Trace, and explained her plan to Selena, who at first was getting a little jealous of her friendship with Miley, and the REAL BFFs reconciled, since Selena was totally game for it.

JiA, RAIA & Bee

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