03 November 2009

Have you ever seen Alice In Wonderland?
BEE: No :l
RAIA: A hundred and million times

Are you scared of numbers?
B: It depends
R: I guess so :D

Can you burp well?
B: Not on purpose
R: Sadly, no :(

Would you have sex with a teacher for a good grade?
B: Depends on the professor ;)
R: Ang landi ni Cuz >:) Me? No.

When's the last time you were hungry?
B: Right now...
R: ...at this very moment

Does Paris Hilton annoy you?
B: To a great extent
R: Hella yes, 'cos she's Nicky's crush >:| =)) srsly.

Have you ever had your mouth washed out with soap?
B: No
R: Accidentally :))

Are you an over-emotional person?
B: When I have PMS
R: I second to that! -^

Do you purposely ignore people sometimes?
B: Sometimes.
R: Guilty.

Have you shaved your legs in the past 24 hours?
B: Nah
R: 48 hours?

Would you rather wear converse or heels?
B: I don't know, man. Whatever works.
R: Heels :P

Do you support freedom of speech?
B: Yes.

What is your first hour teacher's name?
B: They vary, man
R: They vary, dude.

What age will you be when you times your current age by two?
B: 34
R: 34

Do you find the sound of a cats purr relaxing?
B: Not relaxing. Idk something else
R: No, they sound freaky, though I love cats :)

Are you judgmental?
B: It depends. Sometimes, I just don't care
R: Ssssarry :P

Would you make a good salesperson?
B: No.
R: No.

Do you understand why some people can have a Twitter addiction?
B: I guess?
R: Yes.

Do you think it would be cool to perform an autopsy?
B: Guts, I can take. But opening up the body with SHARP tools is just creepy.
R: Hella yes! Looking forward to doing that... Soon >:))

What is a name that you associate with a happy, fun girl?
B: Brittany (oh, I think I associate that name with a bimbo)
R: Heidi =))

Why is your #3 on your top there?
B: What #3??
R: ?

Have you ever kissed someone who's name started with an 'N'?
B: Pwede bang.... Eh, wag nalang. Bulgar e.
R: That was funny! =)) :P

Do you like the song 'Peaches & Cream' by 112?
B: I only know the title
R: I know nothing 'bout this shit.

What food would you love to wipe off the face of the earth?
B: Dinuguan
R: Spicy foods >:P

When happy, do you become more talkative?
B: Yes
R: Yesziree.

Do you prefer sitting in the front or back of a car?
B: Doesn't matter, as long as I'm in the car with lovely people
R: If the car's full I prefer sitting at the back and when the car's empty I like to sit mostly in front. Ironic, I know :}

Do you make friends easily?
B: I guess
R: No, shy type me e :]
(pakyu - bee)

I say purple, you think...
B: Gay dino
R: Bagles, whut?

Which stereotype do you dislike the most?
B: The annoying popular bimbos
R: Same here.

Do any Disney movies scare you?
B: I like them creepy
R: Nah.

Would you have sex with the last person you messaged?
B: NO.
R: >:P >:P >:P

Can you stop hiccups when you get them?
B: No
R: Yes. Want tutorials?

Are you a carnivore or a vegetarian?
B: Carnivore
R: Omnivore. Soon, I'll be a vegetarian. Eck.

Are you in a relationship?
B: In my dreams
R: Yes :)

Do you hold grudges?
B: No. It won't change a thing anyway
R: Yes.

How tall are you?
B: 5'5''?
R: 5'4"?

How many boyfriends/girlfriends have you had?
B: T.I.I.S.S.B. (tiis ba?)
R: 1 :)

Do you think it's right to plead innocent in a murder case due to insanity?
B: Hmm.. They're still technically guilty, and they must be put in a mental institution
R: Insane or not, they're murderers.

How was your first kiss?
B: It wasn't a real kiss
R: Sucks.

When you're sad, who do you go to?
B: Best friend or any available good friend that I trust. Sometimes, I go to myself
R: Sometimes, I do to myself. Sometimes, I go to God. Seldom, to Nicky :]

If you could change anything about your life, what would it be?
B: I wouldn't change a thing. Let mistakes be mistakes.
R: Why would I? I feel perfect ;D

What's going on inside your head right now?
B: First, I don't know how I'd get home at almost 3am from my cousin's haunted house. Second, I'm really hungry. Last, the usual <|3
R: First, how to make evil laughs to my cousin since she's stuck here. Second, how to feed her. Last, the usual <3

What's the corniest pick-up line?
B: Hey, did it hurt when you fell down from heaven?
R: I dunno, mind fucker.

What's one smell you cannot stand?
B: Your ass.
R: Men's harsh smelling parfum.

Are beach weddings cliche?
B: Yes
R: Not really, s'kay.

Bee & RAIA

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Because we love each other.